The Reluctant Companion: One Wife’s Journey to Africa


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 Are you ready for the Journey?

What would you do if your spouse made the decision to move to Africa?
Would you move there too?

Find out what I did and why I decided, reluctantly, to accompany my husband to Africa even though living there was not exactly what I had envisioned for my life.

Read what surprises awaited me the first time I went to Africa and then again the second time, when I returned to visit the place where I had worked in Africa after a 30 year hiatus in America.

Learn about the rewards that came to me many years later after deciding to make the first journey to Africa.

This book is written for you, the one experiencing a similar situation along life’s journey. My hope for you is that by reading this book you will not feel so alone. My hope is that you will be assured that God is always with you, no matter how difficult the situation.


Ruth was stunned when her husband was assigned to a missionary post in Africa. Reluctantly, she reasoned , “If God called my husband to Africa, He called me too. Right?”

Finally she concluded that if even one person was saved by her accompanying her husband to Africa, it would be worth it.

Ruth was not really sure what the coming years in Africa would mean for her life, but you will be fascinated as you join her journey as God sustains Ruth, in spite of her anger, her fears, and her wariness and changes and blesses her, the Reluctant Companion.